Mopping Up Karma

The seeds of Mopping Up Karma grew from a set of recordings Owen created in 1998 for an album she was making with Glen Ballard. His discovery of Owen performing in the Hollywood club, Luna Park, led to her signing with his Capitol imprint label, Java Records. Sadly, the CD was never released due to the unfortunate demise of this label in 2000. Despite the set back, Owen fought for and regained ownership of the masters. Eight years and six CD’s later, she listened to the songs with a seasoned ear at the behest of fan emails. She was struck by how relevant and moving they continued to be. She then spent two months stripping the songs of their “major label clutter,” even directing the ‘tongue-in-cheek’ photo shoot and CD cover art. As the title indicates, Mopping Up Karma is a revisit and cleansing of the past.