“Vive La Difference”

“Vive La Difference,” my latest blog on Huffington Post

“I love visiting Paris…the food, the history, the arrogance, everything that tells me I’m a tourist. My sister is a hard core Francophile. She ran away to live the dream there, ended up fluent, and a professor at La Sorbonne.

France has always been the land of orgasmic bread and croissants. Luckily, Petit Dejeuners that promise to plump up already pillowy British thighs, can be balanced out by a post gorge run to the chemist for 20 tubes of anti-cellulite cream only French women swear by. I know they only drink black coffee all day and maybe eat an olive and a cigarette when things get really stressful, but hell French women have always had that “Je ne sais quoi”. Think Bardot & Deneuve… a tightly belted mac, a chic scarf and giant black sunglasses and they’re done. When America was mass producing plastic Barbie dolls, France was showing us the real thing, with a lot less make-up.”

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